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Advantages and ways on how to remove garbage disposal clogging

Many of you would think that once the garbage is being dropped at the garbage disposal unit, the appliance would liquefy the garbage. But that does not really happen. It is the opposite case. The appliance would just chop away the larger pieces of food into small pieces, so that they can be swept away into the drain. If you are using a septic tank, then it’s more sanitary than the conventional system. As becomes it removes the garbage immediately, which thereby removes the growth of any bacteria. But sometimes the drain clogs and the question arise on how to remove garbage disposal clogging?

Why should you use garbage disposer?

Well before we go any further, let us talk about the advantages of using a garbage disposal. It can be seen that people often would wash out their food containers and cans before they put it in the trash can in order to stop the bad smell that would come out from the trash can. Through the process of composting, it would dispose of your garbage safely which is non chemical one and thereby create piles of fertilizer which can be used in your garden and yard.

So, here is the big question on removing a clogged garbage disposal. Clogging would be caused if less water were being used while disposal is being run. It is very much important that you should first scrape of any unwanted items from the plate into the trash can. After that rinse the plates into the disposal. It is always recommended that you should always use the garbage disposal by running cold water into that. If you want to go further, you can use hot water along with a few drops of dish soap into the garbage disposal to make it more sanitary.

Things which can help your disposer

Another thing that can be done to keep your best garbage disposal unit running smoothly is by feeding the disposer with small pieces of chicken bones. It will help to remove any type of grease that may have built-up inside the disposer. But however, don’t use any larger pieces as they are not made to grind larger pieces. On the other hand, banana peels should never be thrown into the disposer as they are thick and fibrous for which they may get stuck into the grinders. Besides, things such grease, onion skins, raw celery, cooked rice, potato peels and garlic ends should also never be thrown into the disposer.

Avoiding certain items

Things that are forbidden to throw into the disposer are broccoli, egg shells, seafood shells and carrot ends. Also vegetables such lettuce cores, cabbage, onion tops, peach, apricot, apple peels and prune pits should also never be disposed inside the garbage disposal. However, it can be seen that some people would use very small amounts of lemons inside the disposer to freshen it. If you really want to fresh up your disposer, just use a couple spoons of baking soda inside the disposer and then a quarter cup of vinegar.

So even after following these do’s and Don’ts, your disposer is still getting clogged, here are the few things on how to a clogged garbage disposal. It your disposer seemed dead, then hit the reset button and run cold water. While it may surprise you, but it will start running again. Sometimes the switch or the circuit breaker would go out. Try to replace it with a new one.

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